Chatham Crandell Theatre Marquee

The News For Now

Dear members of our Crandell community,

Welcome to Behind the Screen, our way of keeping in touch with you. Although the Crandell is currently closed, our board and staff are using this time to plan for the future. In the coming weeks, in this feature, you will be hearing more about what is happening at the Crandell. We hope that you will check in frequently.

We find ourselves living in a time that “unprecedented” and “new normal” can only begin to describe. We have all been deeply affected, as individuals, as families, and as a community. Please know that our beloved Crandell community is always in our minds and in our hearts. We have been so moved and encouraged by the messages you send us, and by the support you continue to show us as we work to make the Crandell all it can be.

It has been said that “it takes a village.” Indeed, it does. It takes a community.

So, on behalf of the Crandell board and staff, I thank you for all the ways you are there for us.

With warmest wishes for health and safety,

Lydia Kukoff
President, Board of Directors Crandell Theatre 


Thank You, Returning Members

Our warmest gratitude to our loyal members for heeding the call of our recent membership renewal campaign. Thank you for your commitment and generosity, during these challenging times. We can’t stress enough how much your support means to us, now as ever.