Become a Crandell Theatre Member

The Crandell needs the support of members and contributors to maintain its lively schedule of feature and independent films throughout the year. For decades the Crandell has been an affordable place of enrichment and entertainment for individuals and families in the community. Becoming a member of the Crandell is an important way to help keep the marquee lights shining on Main Street.

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Make a Donation

Few people who see movies at the Crandell know that up to 65 percent of ticket prices go to studios and distributors. The Crandell is able to provide year-round screenings for the community and other programs only through the support of generous donors.

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Onscreen Advertising

Join the dozens of local businesses who advertise at the Crandell. Digital display ads start running on screen 30 minutes before the evening film and display for nine seconds each.

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Whether you are an individual, business or foundation, sponsoring one of the Crandell’s year-round community programs is a great way to partner with the Crandell in fulfilling our mission to provide quality film programs that enrich the social, cultural and educational experience integral to our community, to family life, and to lifelong personal development.

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