Onscreen Advertising at the Crandell

Join the dozens of local businesses who advertise at the Crandell. Digital display ads start running on screen 30 minutes before the evening film and display for nine seconds each. Advertisers can provide one or two designs and ads will display a total of four times before each show.

Our Audience

Average weekly attendance: 416

  • 84 percent of our audience lives full time  in in the Columbia County area
  • 87 percent  have college or advanced degrees
  • 40 percent of our audience have been contributors to the Crandell operations and capital fund
  • 97 percent of our audience sees a film at the Crandell an average of eight times during the year, including Sunday Afternoon screenings.
  • Virtually, 90+% of our audience has attended FilmColumbia at least once in the past five years
  • 75 percent  go out to movies as or more frequently than they have in the past.

Source:  2018 audience survey


$85 per month – payment for the first month due upfront. Discounts are available for non-profit and community groups and for prepayment of 6 or  12 months duration.

Please see our advertising specifications and technical details PDF below for more information and file size and formats.

Download 2020 Advertising Specs

To advertise, email Dawn Steward (dsteward@crandelltheatre.org) or call 518-392-3445