In Our Backyard: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Thursday, February 18th at 4pm

Join us for “In Our Backyard : Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” an interactive conversation focused on how our community has been responding to new challenges presented by the pandemic. The program is presented with generous support from MetzWood Insurance. Led by Mayor of Hudson Kamal Johnson and featuring prominent community members as panelists, this one-hour Zoom program will address three areas of particular local concern – mental health, physical health, and food vulnerability. The event will take place on Thursday, February 18th at 4 pm via Zoom. Admission to the one-hour program is free and open to all.

The goals are to raise awareness for the positive work happening throughout Columbia County, highlight creative solutions, and inform community members about opportunities to serve. In order to create a more personal connection and promote dialogue, participants will pre-register for a break-out room on one of the three topics and experts will facilitate live conversation within this more intimate group. All participants will then rejoin the whole group to share what they have learned. After the event, a list of participating and related organizations will be posted as a resource for those who wish to become more involved. In addition, a short list of films that express the joy of interconnectedness will be posted for suggested viewing and further education.

Leading the discussion on mental health concerns will be Dan Almasi, Columbia County Mental Health Clinic Director. On physical health we’ll be joined by Claire Parde from The Healthcare Consortium and Gloria Martinez from Sun River Health. Covering food insecurity and vulnerability will be Carole Clark from Recovery Kitchen.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate in this thoughtful and timely conversation.

In this discussion we will:

  • Raise awareness for the positive work happening throughout Columbia County
  • Highlight creative solutions to recent challenges
  • Inform community members about opportunities to get involved

This free, hour-long live discussion will take place via Zoom.

Please Note: In order to participate in breakout rooms, you must have the most recent version of Zoom installed on your computer. More information on how to update here. If you have any additional questions, email for support.

Suggested Films for “In Our Backyard”

 In Jackson Heights (2015) – Directed by Frederick Wiseman.  Documentary, 3h 9 min.  A look at daily life in Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC, one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the US and indeed the world.  Available on Kanopy.

 Fisherman’s Friends (2019) – Directed by Chris Foggin.  Romantic comedy, 1h 52 min.  Based on a true story.  A cynical London music producer discovers what’s important in life when he signs a group of shanty-singing Cornish fishermen.  Available on Netflix.

Happy (2012) –  Directed by Roko Belic.  Documentary drama, 1h 16 min.  “Happy” takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Kolkata in search of what really makes people happy.  Available from Amazon.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (2018) – Directed by Morgan Neville.  Documentary, 1h 34 min.  Through his long-running television show for children Fred Rogers spread his philosophy of kindness and how to build community.  Available from Amazon.

Babette’s Feast (1988) – Directed by Gabriel Axel.  Drama, 1h 43 min.  Based on a story by Isak Dinesen set in late 19th-century Denmark, a strict religious community is transformed by the enjoyment of food and self-less generosity of a servant.  Available from Amazon.

Chocolat (2000) – Directed by Lasse Hallström.  Romantic comedy-drama, 2h.  A newcomer to a traditional French village changes the hearts and minds of the community when she opens an irresistible chocolate shop.  Available on Amazon, Hulu, Vudu.

The Full Monty (1997) – Directed by Peter Cattaneo.  Comedy-drama, 1h 35 min.   Set in 1980s Sheffield, England, a group of six unemployed men join forces and find an unconventional way to make money as a strip-tease act, forging new friendships along the way.  Available on Amazon.