Findings From The Crandell Theatre Members and Friends Survey

Dear Members and Friends:

With the governor’s recent decision to open theaters at 25 percent capacity, the responses of Crandell members and friends to the recent survey [January 15-25] have provided helpful guidance as we consider an appropriate format and schedule for reopening in 2021. One-third of Crandell members responded to the questionnaire, with a return of all members and friends at 17 percent. There was not an appreciable difference in responses when members were isolated from the total.

Based upon the information provided, we learned that Crandell viewers are overwhelmingly between 55-75 years old and live full time in Columbia County. They come to the Crandell to see movies between three and five times every three months. When people consider returning to the Crandell, they have the following priorities for health/safety:

Most important: having had the COVID vaccine, limited/appropriately distanced seating, and mandatory mask wearing;

Lesser importance: high filtration system in the theatre, sanitizing high-touch areas in lobby and restrooms before/after screenings, and keeping doors to the auditorium open before/after screenings;

Least important: testing temperatures at the entrance, purchasing tickets on line, and having no concessions.

Two-thirds of the respondents indicate that they are likely to return to the Crandell within the first three months of reopening, if health and safety protocols are in place. While the Crandell has been closed, 25 percent of respondents said they used the Crandell streaming service, renting between one and five films; 10 percent participated in virtual Community Programs.

Thank you to everyone who returned the survey. Over the next several weeks there will be additional opportunities for you to share your views about movies at the Crandell.

Viki Sand, co-chair Program Task Force

Crandell Theatre Board of Directors