Helpful Streaming Assistance

We understand  that streaming the films we present each week via Virtual Cinema can be challenging. Each film distributor has a different way of hosting its films and  how you stream depends on what kinds of TV and and electronic devices you have.

If you’ve tried before and given up in frustration, we invite you to email Dawn Steward at  to set  up a time for a one-on-one phone call  to help you sort things out. We really want you to be able to enjoy our Virtual Cinema films!

Meanwhile, here are a few useful tips:

1)  Streaming is a two-step process involving an “electronic device” (could be a computer, laptop, tablet/ ipad, or Android/IOS mobile phone) which will “receive the content” and a TV (External Display) to which the content on the device is being “casted” or “mirrored.”

2)  To start the process, go to the film ‘s individual page  of the Crandell website on whichever computing device you want to use to “receive” the film, click on “Purchase Tickets,” and when prompted, provide your email address, a password and your credit card information.

3)  Once your ticket purchase is complete, you will be able to hit “Play” and watch the film anytime for between 3 and 7 days (depending on the distributor).

4)  You can either leave it at that and watch the film on your “electronic device” or you can stream it on your TV.  If you don’t have a SmartTV cable you will need to connect your electronic device (computer, laptop, tablet directly via HDMI cable.

Some helpful links on how to cast to your TV:

Via Chromecast

Via Firestick

Via Apple

Vie Roku

Our distributors have been very helpful with troubleshooting and refunds if necessary. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at  at  if you need further assistance.