Six French Shorts. Happy Bastille Day!

Sunday, July 14 at Noon

A free exclusive screening of six French Shorts plus light refreshments open to members only.

Films will be introduced by Larry Kardish, co-artistic director of the Crandell’s annual film festival FilmColumbia, former senior curator for film at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and curator of the Tales of Europe Film series for the Crandell.

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The Villa

A film by Emmanuel Poulain-Arnaud. A rental by the sea comes with an unexpected problem. 2019. 18 min.

The Fall

An animated film by Boris Labbé. Celestial beings descend to earth. 2019. 14 min.


A film by Pablo Munoz Gomez. Buying a gift for his five-year-old, a father learns a lesson in capitalism. 2019. France/Belgium. 14 min.

La Persistente

A film by Camille Lugan. High in the Pyrenees a man and his motorcycle will not be parted. 2019. 22 min.

The Amorous Indies

A film by Clément Cogitore. Krumping, a dance style originating in black neighborhoods of Los Angeles, is brought to the stage of the Paris Opera. 2019. 5 min.

Pauline Enslaved

A film by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet. Pauline, perhaps an otherwise independent woman, is obsessed, waiting for Bruce, her married lover, to call in this very loquacious comedy of manners. 2019. 24 min.

Total 101 min.