Health & Safety Guidelines

Until New York State lifts its COVID-19 requirements for indoor movie theaters, the Crandell will adhere to NYS Department of Health and safety guidelines. All protocols are intended to maintain a safe, welcoming, enjoyable experience and protect the health and safety of guests and staff alike.  As guidelines and regulations change, the Crandell will update its policies accordingly so check back frequently.

  • Seating is restricted to 250 people, inclusive of staff and patrons.
  • Automatic “buffer zone” seating. When purchasing a ticket, visitors will select their seats from a diagram, and our ticketing software will automatically “X” out two seats around both sides, and one seat in front and back, to ensure social distancing of at least six feet between individuals, couples, or small groups. Members of the same immediate party, family, or household must purchase their tickets together so they can have their “pod” buffered on all sides. Staff will oversee proper social distancing.
  • Six feet social distancing between patrons in the lobby or concessions area, monitored by staff.
  • Reserved ticketing by touchless payment. All monetary transactions will be conducted with  credit or debit card, either online in advance or in person before each show at the box office. The Crandell will not accept cash payments at this time.
  • Fresh air circulation. Before and after each show, staff will open the four emergency exit doors at the front and rear of the theater to increase outside air circulation.
  • Air filtration. To enhance air filtration, the theater’s central HVAC  filtration system will be upgraded to MERV13 filters, the highest rated filtration compatible with our recently installed filter rack and air handling systems, as certified and documented by a certified HVAC technician.
  • Deep cleaning and daily sanitization. The entire theatre has been deep cleaned and sanitized by certified professionals using industry leading technology to mitigate the risks posed by COVID-19. Staff will conduct daily cleaning and disinfection, using only disinfectants from the list of products registered by the Department of Environmental Conservation and identified by the EPA as effective against COVID-19 and following the Department of Health’s guidance for cleaning and disinfection of public facilities for COVID-19
  • Masks or face coverings mandatory. Employees and patrons will only be permitted entry into the Crandell Theatre if they wear an acceptable face covering or mask over their nose and mouth. Staff will be required to use rubber disposable gloves as well as masks.
  • No concessions will be served at this time. Patrons are not permitted to carry in their own food, drink, or refreshments.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to: