Behind The Screen: So What Did You Do With The Candy?

In the latest edition of Behind The Screen — a peek behind the Crandell’s velvet curtain — Sara McWilliams fills us in on some of the latest inner-workings of the Crandell Theatre’s Operations Committee.

“So what did you do with the candy?”

…asked a friend and avid Crandell Theatre-goer when we closed in response to the pandemic last March.

This guy has several favorite seats at the Crandell and he loves the free Member popcorn; we suspect, however, that a real high point of his movie experience is choosing between Milk Duds and peanut M&Ms as he stops at the concession counter.

We were delighted to tell him that any candy or snack inventory which could not be safely returned to the supplier was donated to Stratton VA Hospital in Albany. Thanks to our Theatre Manager’s creative solution, we can imagine folks enjoying a box of sweets as they watch a film on Kanopy.

Dealing with inventory, keeping digital equipment up and running, maintaining the building and its systems, screening films, managing staff. All this and more comprise operations at the Crandell. Executive Director Annie Brody and Theatre Manager Matt Converse provide key leadership and execution skills while working closely with the Operations Committee of the Theatre Board of Directors.

Since our purchase of the Crandell almost 10 years ago, the Operations Committee has dealt with projects ranging from developing policies for theatre rental to HVAC system redesign and replacement. As we were faced with the need to close the Crandell, Matt worked with us to develop a comprehensive checklist for shut-down, start-up, and weekly maintenance.

In addition, we have gathered and organized all our old 35-mm equipment. You might be amazed at what we found. Stay tuned!

— Sara McWilliams, Crandell Theatre Board of Directors and Chair of Theatre Operations Committee