After School Filmmaking Project Announces Film Lineup by Columbia County Students

(Chatham, NY) May 9, 2017

The Chatham Film Club has brought together students and filmmaker mentors to create a series of short films to be screened at the Crandell Theater on May 20th, 12pm.
Middle school students from Chatham, Germantown, and Hudson worked within selected groups to come up with script ideas, take part as actors and learn the basics of directing and editing for each of their films.

The Chatham Middle School student film is titled: ‘Snowed In’, and in a bit of serendipity the students had to work out filming logistics in the midst of the March snowstorm. Filmmaker mentor Susan Lucas says, “The underlying theme of the film is how we all try to balance outer actions with the voices in our heads. I was impressed with their ability to tackle the idea with honesty and humor!”

At Germantown School, 6th graders immersed themselves in creating a film titled, ‘Slimed’. The topic follows a student who doesn’t feel welcomed at school and plots his escape. The film includes some very creative shots with slime which filmmaker Susan Lutz said the students thoroughly enjoyed creating.

Hudson Middle School went in a different direction in creating a film titled, ‘Super Human Middle’. The plot is of two girls who find a strange artifact outside the school that causes every student to develop super powers.

The six-week program was mentored by filmmakers Susan Lutz and Patrick Toole and culminates in a premiere screening of the films on Sunday, May 20, 12pm, at the Crandell Theater in Chatham, NY. The screening is free and the community is invited to join the students and their families. There will be a Q&A with the student filmmakers afterwards.

The After School Filmmaking Project is sponsored by The Chatham Film Club, the Chatham Education Foundation, Germantown Central School PTSA, and Questar III, Arts in Education