Three Minutes: A Lengthening

Documentary Rated: PG 69 min
Thursday, September 15

This compact, searing documentary movingly captures a moment in time while honoring lives soon lost to unspeakable horror. The filmmakers unfold the three-minute amateur film at its center  with emotionally charged complexity to more fully illuminate the story of a small Polish village and its unsuspecting Jewish residents.

Three Minutes is more than a documentary about the Holocaust — it is an investigative drama, a meditation on the ethics of moving images and a ghost story about people who might be forgotten should we take those images for granted.” — Beatrice Loayza, The New York Times
“A snapshot, a memorial, a knotty philosophical detective story and a devastating account of Nazi atrocities. It’s also an extended rumination on the illusory, entropic nature of the cinematic medium itself.” — Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times
directed by
Bianca Stigter
written by
Bianca Stigter
Helena Bonham Carter
English, Polish, German, Yiddish
Netherlands, United Kingdom