The Wife

Drama Rated: R 100 min
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Based on a novel by Meg Wolitzer, this satirical look at the upper echelons of the literary world cum anatomy of a marriage, redolent with the much debated bond between Hillary and Bill Clinton, is a must see for Glenn Close’s performance alone. As reviewers have said, you can’t take your eyes off her.  If this role doesn’t get her an Oscar, nothing will. Jonathan Pryce plays her Nobel Prize-winning husband, and the excellent Christian Slater, playing a role reminiscent of the biographer in House of Cards, is thrown in for good measure.  If you’re a connoisseur of great acting, this is one film you won’t want to miss.—Peter Biskind

The Wife offers viewers a chance to observe one of the finest – and most criminally underpraised – actresses of her generation working at the very top of her shrewd, subtle, superbly self-controlled game.” — Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
“The Wife pulls off the not inconsiderable feat of spinning a fundamentally literary premise into an intelligent screen drama that unfolds with real juice and suspense.” — Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times
“The Wife is that increasingly rare offering, a commercially viable film that also makes you rethink your assumptions about talent and who gets to wield it.” — Daphne Merkin, The New Republic
directed by
Björn Runge
written by
Jane Anderson
Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater
production company
 Sony Pictures Classics