The Sparks Brothers

Documentary, Music Rated: R 140 min
Thursday, August 26

The Sparks Brothers, directed by Edgar Wright, is a whimsical and thrilling documentary about Sparks, the cult favorite, hugely influential, and criminally overlooked pop and rock duo. Viewers will feel pleasantly engulfed by impressive displays of archival footage, stop-motion, and animation, not to mention the sound design. A film for audiophiles, musicians, and anyone who loves a great story artfully told. Growing up in the ’60s, Los Angeles brothers Ron and Russell got by on a heavy diet of popcorn matinees and pop music until the spotlight of school talent shows illuminated their way on a musical journey and spawned 25 studio albums.



“Filmmaker Edgar Wright’s love letter to Russell and Ron Mael is both exhaustive and exhausting — but it highlights their secret influence on pop culture.” — Kory Grow, Rolling Stone
“Yes, They’re Real. And Inexplicable. Edgar Wright knows Sparks and you will too, once you see his documentary about this singular cultural phenomenon.” — Glenn Kenny, New York Times
directed by
Edgar Wright
Ron Mael, Russell Mael, Beck
United Kingdom, United States
production company
Complete Fiction, Media Rights Capital