The Invisibles

Documentary, Drama Rated: NR 110 min
FilmColumbia 2018
Tuesday, October 23
The Crandell Theatre

In January 1943, the Nazis pronounced Berlin “Judenfrei,” free of Jews. Little did they know that close to 7,000 Jews were still in the German capital, most in hiding, but some living recklessly in plain sight. By war’s end, less than 2,000 Jews were still there. The Invisibles is about four of these survivors. Director Claus Räfle seamlessly integrates interviews of the survivor’s with dramatic recreations of their remarkable stories from this dark period to make a spellbinding documentary of resilience and resistance.

directed by
Claus Räfle
written by
Claus Räfle and Alejandra López
Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer, Ruby O. Fee
German (with English subtitles)