The Good House

Romance, Comedy, Drama Rated: R 103 min

Sigourney Weaver doesn’t let much get past her, and as Hildy Good, a divorced, high-end realtor on Boston’s tony North Shore, she casts withering judgments and eye rolls in league with the area’s best fishermen. One of them is her high school crush, played by Kevin Kline. She’s also a functioning alcoholic, mother, grandmother and devoted dog mom who really just wants to figure out what life has to offer. Based on Ann Leary’s bestselling novel, the film is directed by Maya Forbes, an executive producer of The Larry Sanders Show, and her husband, Wallace Wolodarsky, a Simpsons and Tracey Ullman Show writer and producer.

“Sigourney Weaver deserves awards attention for turning what could have been a clichéd dramedy about a real-estate agent, who’s a functioning alcoholic, into something funny, touching and vital. And cheers to Kevin Kline as the dazed dude who loves her.” — Peter Travers, ABC News
directed by
Maya Forbes, Wallace Wolodarsky
written by
Thomas Bezucha, Maya Forbes, Wallace Wolodarsky, Ann Leary (novel)
Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline, Morena Baccarin
United States