The Good Heart

Comedy, Drama Rated: R 99 min
FilmColumbia 2018
Friday, October 19
The Crandell Theatre

A curmudgeonly barkeep recovering from his fifth heart attack ends up in intensive care next to Paul Dano, a homeless teenage kid who tried to commit suicide. Brian Cox, who plays the barkeep, offers the kid a home in his bar, and grooms him as his heir, initiating him into the rules and rituals of the tavern world: no chit chat with the customers, no newbies, no women, no this, no that. All goes well into the lovely April shows up, and soft-hearted Dano takes her in.

“It was fine fortune for everyone when the mighty Brian Cox entered his latter-day-Brando phase, somewhere around the time of Rushmore. Suddenly, everything he touched turned to wintry platinum.” — Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out, New York
directed by
Dagur Kári
written by
Dagur Kári
Paul Dano, Brian Cox, Bill Buell, Boði
English, German
Iceland, Denmark, USA, France, Germany
production company
Magnolia Pictures