Documentary, Music Rated: PG-13 168 min

Taylor Swift takes her devoted Swifties, and the rest of us, on a breathtaking ride through her pop catalog on stage. THE ERAS TOUR delivers exactly what it promises: A smoothly directed, impeccably performed documentary capturing the concert event of the year.

Please Note: Pricing for THE ERAS TOUR film is set by Swift and her producers. No member discounts or passes can be applied. Adult tickets are $19.89 (her birth year). Children’s tickets are $13.13 (a favorite number).

“With its labyrinthine arc, jumbled chronology and dazzling changes of tone, milieu and costume, it’s Swift’s ode to invention and self-reinvention, the many different lives she’s lived and faces she’s presented over the course of her career.” — Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times
“I did not enter the theater a Swiftie, but I can say with confidence that this immediately goes on the list of great concert documentaries.” — Amy Nicholson, NPR Los Angeles
directed by
Sam Wrench
Taylor Swift, Amanda Balen, Taylor Banks
United States