85 min
FilmColumbia 2022
Monday, October 24
Crandell Theatre

Alon Schwartz, a Zionist and former Israeli soldier, touches—or rather grabs—a live-wire, Israel’s 1948 war for independence that “depopulated” Palestinian villages. The Palestinians refer to this as “Nakba,” or “catastrophe.” A disputed historian named Teddy Katz recorded 140 hours of interviews with eyewitnesses, both Israeli and Palestinian, regarding a massacre of 200 Palestinians in Tantura, that may or may not have happened. In his polemical and controversial documentary, director Schwartz argues that it did, and uses Katz’s interviews to contradict surviving soldiers who deny they committed war crimes.

directed by
Alon Schwarz, Halil Efrat, & Shaul Schwarz
written by
Alon Schwarz
production company
Real Peak Films