South Mountain

Drama 82 min
FilmColumbia 2019
Tuesday, October 22
Crandell Theatre

A hit this year at the South by Southwest Film Festival, South Mountain artfully anatomizes the ups and downs—mostly downs—of a marriage in midlife crisis. Local resident Scott Cohen plays a faithless husband who has a child by a woman other than his wife; Talia Balsam plays his wife, who is left to cope with the fallout. South Mountain boasts an elegant script written by Hilary Brougher, who also directed, plus a set of fine performances. It was shot nearby in the Catskills.

Directed and written by Hilary Brougher; 2019; Courtesy of the filmmaker; Drama; USA; Cast: Scott Cohen, Talia Balsam, Michael Oberholtzer. Runtime: 85 min.

directed by
Hilary Brougher
written by
Hilary Brougher
Scott Cohen, Andrus Nichols, Michael Oberholtzer, Talia Balsam