Songs of Earth

Documentary, Biography Rated: NR 90 min

Director Margreth Olin sets out to better understand how her aging parents find meaning in their lives by filming them against the seasonal backdrop of the vast Norwegian panoramas where her father grew up. The ambitious meditation that results is at once a gorgeous, finely observed nature documentary, a visual poem, and a soaring portrait of family love, memory and time. Olin’s gift is revealing the connective thread that runs through the earth’s smallest and grandest expressions of life. The score, by Rebekka Karijord, orchestrates the ancient rhythms beneath it all, from rippling water to cracking ice. Produced by actress Liv Ullmann and Director Wim Wenders.


“This is an altogether extraordinary film. The immersive nature of the sounds, music and landscapes are worth experiencing with the full concentration a cinema affords.” — Alissa Wilkinson, The New York Times
“A delicate film, one that frequently feels like it benefits more from being experienced than analyzed or interrogated.” — Dan Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter
directed by
Margreth Olin
written by
Margreth Olin
Jørgen Mykløen, Magnhild Mykløen