Shorts Program I

Shorts 88 min
FilmColumbia 2019
Friday, October 25
Morris Memorial


With the sudden death of their mother, two siblings struggle to move on while dealing with the pain they must come to terms with.

Directed and written by Bloom; 2019; Drama; USA; Cast: Kendal Rae, Diego Josef; Brynn Horrocks. Runtime: 23 min.



This film was made in collaboration with 14 artists living and working between El Paso and Ciudad Juárez. It is an attempt to bring better understanding to the lived realities along the U.S.—México border, a bi-national region unlike any other. These artists allow us to imagine a world outside of border imperialism.

Directed by Michael Curran and Miranda Harris-Martinez; 2019; Documentary. Runtime: 15 min.



A housewife faces the agonizing decision of whether to move her husband into a nursing home. Filmed in Chatham, NY.

Directed and Written by Katherine Tolentino; 2019; Drama; USA; Cast: Shigeko Suga, Jinn S Kim, Geoff Lee. Runtime: 10 min.



A unique perspective on inspired educators and their remarkable students. The CEO of Eagle Academy Foundation argues that young men of color are not one of America’s problem, but instead one of its greatest assets.

Directed by John Campbell; 2019; Documentary; USA. Runtime: 39 min.


Total Runtime: 88 min,

Q&A with filmmakers after the screenings

directed by
Bloom, Michael Curran & Miranda Harris-Martinez, Katherine Tolentino, John Campbell