Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack

Documentary Rated: NR 75 min
Streaming Online: Fri, Nov 13—Thu, Nov 19

This week we applaud one of Columbia County’s Oscar-winning filmmakers, Deborah Shaffer whose co-directed and co-produced a film about a most remarkable trail-blazing artist Audrey Flack, “Queen of Hearts”. Shown as a work-in-progress at FilmColumbia in 2019, “Queen of Hearts” is now just released to virtual cinemas nationwide and The Crandell is delighted to present this intimate portrait of this pioneering woman. The film is co-directed by Rachel Reichman and co-produced by Amy Sultan.

“A thoroughly engaging documentary portrait of an artist I had never heard of (judge me as you will), Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack, from director Deborah Shaffer (To Be Heard) and co-director Rachel Reichman (editor on Hitchcock/Truffaut) is the perfect introduction to its subject, comprehensive in its detail and captivating in its approach….” — Chris Reed, Chris Reed Film
“an adoring portrait of artist Audrey Flack….” — Katherine Connell, POV
“Audrey Flack is an opinionated, feminist artist who not only continues to create but also to educate young artists. It’s a beautiful thing to know women like her are out there. It’s time her story is being told, and we have Shaffer and Reichman to thank for that.” — Leslie Combmale, AWFJ
directed by
Deborah Shaffer, Rachel Reichman (co-director)
Audrey Flack
production company
Davina Pardo, Deborah Shaffer, Amy Sultan