Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

Drama, Romance 95 min
Streaming Online: Starting Fri, Feb 19

“Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time, is not only the year’s most intriguing film title but also the feature that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival which most fascinated Manohla Dargis, New York Times co-chief film critic. She wrote of Hungarian actress-director Lily Horvat’s mesmerizing film, “I was taken by its mystery: an expat surgeon returns to Budapest for a romantic assignation with a man who insists they’ve never met. Yet what held me was the slippery way that Horvat teases out this enigma and how she creates a sense of unease…”  Preparations is an original and totally absorbing narrative puzzle, dramatic and very edgy.” –Laurence Kardish, FilmColumbia co-artistic director and former senior film curator at MoMA

“…so sensuous and richly detailed that you can hardly wait for the mystery to be explained.” — Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal
“A slinky noir-inflected melodrama following a brilliant brain surgeon who fears her own brain may be tricking her into romantic delusion.” — Jessica Kiang, Variety
directed by
Lili Horvát
written by
Lili Horvát
Natasa Stork, Viktor Bodó, Benett Vilmányi, Zsolt Nagy
Hungarian, English (with English subtitles)