Paris Calligrammes

Documentary 129 min
Streaming Online: Thu, Jun 17—Fri, Jun 18

Ulrike Ottinger is known worldwide as an avant-garde artist and an unconventional filmmaker. Almost 50 years of film history is reflected in her work. Less well known is the photographer and painter Ulrike Ottinger, the young bank clerk who moved to Paris in 1962, just 20 years old. Paris Calligrammes describes the metamorphosis of a young woman from Lake Constance into a free and versatile artist, who rebels against the social expectations and explores Paris during times of radical upheavals.

“an extraordinary sort of aesthetico-political nonfiction bildungsroman, in which Ottinger fuses her self-portraiture and her reminiscences with the life of the city and the ideas of the times, as she encountered them.” — Richard Brody, New Yorker
directed by
Ulrike Ottinger
written by
Ulrike Ottinger
French, German
Germany, France