One Life

Biography, Drama, History Rated: PG 109 min

Sir Anthony Hopkins stars in this amazing true story of Sir Nicholas “Nicky” Winton, a young London broker who rescued more than 600 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia in the months leading up to World War II. Fifty years later, however, he is haunted by the fate of those he wasn’t able to bring to safety. Helena Bonham Carter co-stars as Winton’s mother, a German-Jewish refugee herself, in this feature film debut from director James Hawes (Slow Horses).

“Serves as an urgent reminder of the importance of individual action at a time when the world refugee crisis is at a scale not seen since the Second World War.” — Alissa Simon, Variety
“It certainly left me sobbing, and that’s a credit to Hopkins’ impeccable performance as well as Hawes’ sure-handed, straightforward direction.” — Randy Myers, San Jose Mercury News
directed by
James Hawes
written by
Lucinda Coxon, Nick Drake, Barbara Winton
Anthony Hopkins, Lena Olin, Johnny Flynn
English, German, Czech, French
United Kingdom