My Childhood, My Country

Documentary, Biography, History 94 min

Special forces team ODA 555, nicknamed Triple Nickel, were the first U.S. soldiers to set foot in Afghanistan on October 19, 2001. Their objective: find and kill Osama bin Laden, who the Taliban  have refused to hand over. So begins a war in one of the world’s poorest countries, where the biggest enemy, poverty, remains as potent as ever. What has been the cost of these twenty years and was it money and blood well spent? This film examines it all, Richard Linklater style, through the eyes of one of its youngest inhabitants over time.

Includes an exclusive, 14-minute pre-recorded Q+A with filmmakers Grabsky and Sharifi.

“…An intimate, painful documentary.” — Cath Clarke, The Guardian
directed by
Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi
written by
Phil Grabsky, Shoaib Sharifi
Tony Blair, Lyse Doucet, Robert Gates
English, Dari
United Kingdom