Murer—Anatomy of a Trial

Drama, History 137 min
Sunday, July 14
Wednesday, July 17

This film is part of the Tales of Europe series.

In 1963 Fritz Mauer, a respected family man and farmer, was put on trial in Graz, Austria, for the murder of Jews in Lithuania during World War II. Mauer, a prominent Nazi, had been put in charge of the “Jewish problem” in Vilnius, “the Jerusalem of the East,” from the start of the Occupation in 1941 until the liquidation of the Ghetto in 1943. Using actual documents from the trial and a superb cast, Austrian filmmaker Christian Frosch recreates this extraordinary trial that tested a nation’s soul.

FESTIVALS: San Francisco Jewish FF, Viennale

“It is the unmistakably Austrian version of To Kill A Mockingbird; a courtroom thriller, in which one man’s acquittal becomes a nation’s condemnation.” — Robert Menasse, author of The Capital
directed by
Christian Frosch
written by
Christian Frosch
Karl Fischer, Alexander E. Fennon, Melita Jurisic
German, Yiddish, Hebrew (with English subtitles)
production company
Thiltges Distributions, Prisma Film