95 min
FilmColumbia 2023
Tuesday, October 24
Crandell Theatre

In Miami, Xavier, a dutiful middle-aged demolition worker, is outgrowing the Little Haiti home he shares with his wife Esperance—a seamstress and school crossing guard—and their millennial son, Junior, who keeps his standup comedy aspirations from his father. Xavier has remained loyal, hardworking, and well respected for decades. But as the demolition sites inch closer to home, the realities of gentrification come into focus, and Xavier’s loyalties are tested. Monica Sorelle catches the contradictions of the American dream with an astonishing understanding of their complexities. Played the Tribeca and Toronto film festivals.

directed by
Monica Sorelle
written by
Monica Sorelle, Robert Colom
Atibon Nazaire, Sheila Anozier, Chris Renois
Creole/English/Spanish (with English subtitles)