Magic Mike’s Last Dance

Comedy, Drama Rated: R 112 min

“Magic” Mike Lane (Channing Tatum), a male stripper with six-pack abs and transformative physicality, returns to the screen broke and looking for his next move. When a wealthy socialite (Salma Hayek) with a mysterious agenda invites him to London, Mike gets more than he bargained for, including a troupe of hot new dancers he must whip into shape for a big performance. The third and supposedly final installment in the Magic Mike franchise, the second directed by Steven Soderbergh, features some phenomenal choreography, including a rain-soaked dance number that pairs Tatum with real-life ballerina Kylie Shea.

“This is one of Soderbergh’s more playfully referential entertainments.” — Matt Zoller Seitz,
“Like many Soderbergh films, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, shaggy, earnest and innocently tawdry, goes down so easy that it’s almost impossible to appreciate it fully on a first watch. I imagine it will only improve with more.” — Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press
directed by
Steven Soderbergh
written by
Reid Carolin
Jemelia George, Channing Tatum, Daniel Llaca, Salma Hayek
United States