Made In Bangladesh

Drama 95 min
Streaming Online: Fri, Sep 4—Thu, Sep 10

Made in Bangladesh could just as well be called Shimu Akhatar, a Bengali Norma Rae, who inspired this rousing drama of a young garment worker organizing others — all women — to form a union. Dhaka-born, Smith College and NYU School of the Arts grad Rubaiyat Hossain directs. H&M, Walmart, and The Gap are among the retailers who source their clothes from Bangladesh, and factory owners there attempt to sell their goods cheaply by constantly cutting corners in safety and keeping salaries low. After a fire, Shimu, over the objections of her husband, decides enough is enough and determines that a union is the only road open to better conditions. Troubles follow.” — – Laurence Kardish, co-artistic director, FilmColumbia

“As a look behind that T-shirt you just bought on sale for $9.99 at The Gap, and the human labor, sweat and suffering that went into it, this… definitely deserves wider attention.” — Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter
“A quiet power in collective efforts.” — Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times
directed by
Rubaiyat Hossain
written by
Philippe Barrière, Rubaiyat Hossain
Rikita Nandini Shimu, Novera Rahman, Parvin Paru, Mayabi Rahman
Bengali (with English subtitles)
France, Bangladesh, Denmark, Portugal