Le Cercle Rouge

Crime, Drama, Thriller 140 min
Sunday, September 12

French criminal Corey (Alain Delon) is released from prison and vows to never return, but is quickly pulled back into criminal behavior after a chance encounter with escaped murderer Vogel (Gian Maria Volonte). Along with former policeman and current alcoholic Jansen (Yves Montand), they plot an intricate jewel heist.

“Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1970 heist film, starring Alain Delon, delights in the meticulous crime-craft that informs the action.” — Richard Brody, New Yorker
“The kind of experience that makes you glad movies exist.” — A.O. Scott, New York Times
directed by
Jean-Pierre Melville
written by
Jean-Pierre Melville
Alain Delon, Bourvil, Gian Maria Volontè
France, Italy
production company
Selenia Cinematografica, Les films Corona