In the Mood for Love

Drama, Romance Rated: NR 98 min
Streaming Online: Fri, Dec 25—Thu, Dec 31

In 1935 Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields wrote a song “I’m in the Mood for Love” with the resonant lyric “simply because you’re near me”, and the song quickly became part of the American songbook. In the year 2000 , celebrated Hong Kong filmmaker, Wong Kar-wai, taking the song’s title and the dramatic force of the lyric conceived what many film enthusiasts consider the most deliriously romantic film ever,  In the Mood for Love.  Now twenty years later, this elegant swooning masterpiece of longing has been restored brilliantly, and will make its lucky viewers’ aching hearts beat a little bit faster.”—Laurence Kardish, FilmColumbia co-artistic director and former senior film curator at MoMA

In the Mood for Love belongs to Cheung, whose beauty lights up the movie like the polar star lights up a winter sky. Cheung is one of the few modern actresses who understands her own physical beauty as an expressive instrument.” — Kent Jones, Film Comment Magazine
“The film is gorgeous, dripping with texture and sensuality and, well, mood.” — Christy Lemire, Associated Press
directed by
Wong Kar Wai
written by
Wong Kar Wai
Chinese (with English subtitles)