I Like It Here

Documentary Rated: NR 88 min

Renowned documentary filmmaker Ralph Arlyck has never denied his urge to pick up a camera and document his life on film. Now, as he approaches his 80s, he delicately stitches this archive together to craft a compelling reflection on mortality, community, and the passage of time. Like having a conversation with an excellent interlocutor, his poignant visual essay meanders through a life well-lived, guiding us through portraits of Arlyck’s loved ones as he ponders the effects of aging and eventual death. Layers of time and connections unfold as footage shot across multiple decades interplay with each other, blurring he firm boundary between past and present. This gentle and personal film embraces the beauty of everyday life, reminding us of the simple pleasure of being alive. In every frame, he conveys how it feels to look back on your own life, to contemplate your place in an ever-changing world, and what to make of the time that remains.

Q+A with the Filmmaker and FilmColumbia’s
Laurence Kardish

This lovely and deeply felt rumination on aging and living life to its fullest will be directly followed by a Q+A with Arlyck and FilmColumbia’s Co-Artistic and Co-Executive Director Laurence Kardish. The pair will discuss issues that often get left out of conversations about aging—like navigating isolation, fear of death or losing a partner, or simply what it feels like to contend with mortality at any age. Residents of retirement communities and senior living facilities, as well as their family members, are encouraged to join this lively discussion to examine the ideas explored in his film.

To inquire about group bookings, contact Dawn Steward at dsteward@crandelltheatre.org or 518-392-3445. 

“A beautiful meditation on mortality.” Film Stage
“As poetic and soothing as a cat’s purr; at once minimally lyrical and eloquent.” FIPRESCI Reviews (International Federation of Film Critics)
directed by
Ralph Arlyck
written by
Ralph Arlyck
English, French
United States