Hold Me Tight

Drama Rated: NR 97 min

Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread, Bergman Island and the upcoming Corsage) radiates as Clarisse, a woman on the run from her family for reasons that aren’t immediately clear. Hold Me Tight is the sixth feature from director Mathieu Amalric,  better known in the U.S. for his acting (Quantum of Solace, Munich) than for his award-winning career behind the camera. He paints a daringly fluid portrait of a woman in crisis that alternates between Clarisse’s adventures on the road and the increasingly chaotic domestic life of her abandoned husband and children. Deeply moving and unpredictable, Hold Me Tight keeps you guessing throughout. Amalric never telegraphs anything until the film’s final moments.

“[A] compelling film…that somehow is at once moving and detached…” — Michael O'Sullivan, The Washington Post
directed by
Mathieu Amalric
written by
Claudine Galea, Mathieu Amalric
Vicky Krieps, Arieh Worthalter, Anne-Sophie Bowen-Chatet
French, German