Hit The Road

Drama 93 min
Friday, July 8

A beautifully acted drama with steadily cumulative force, Hit the Road takes the tradition of the Iranian road-trip movie and adds unexpected twists and turns. It follows a family of four — two middle-aged parents and their sons, one a taciturn adult, the other an ebullient six-year-old — as they drive across the Iranian countryside. Over the course of the trip, they bond over memories of the past, grapple with fears of the unknown, and fuss over their sick dog. Unspoken tensions arise and the film builds emotional momentum as it slowly reveals the furtive purpose for their journey. The result is a humanist drama that offers an authentic, raw, and deeply sincere observation of an Iranian family preparing to part with one of their own.

“From the first jokey moments of Hit the Road until its heartbreaking end you will not want to be anywhere else.” — A.O. Scott , New York Times
“To be a passenger alongside these nervous voyagers, as they clash, tease and cherish each other on the way to this strange and terrible fork in their lives, is to be a very fortunate moviegoer indeed.” — Robert Abele , Los Angeles Times
directed by
Panah Panahi
written by
Panah Panahi
Pantea Panahiha, Hasan Majuni, Rayan Sarlak
Persian, English (with English subtitles)