Freud’s Last Session

Drama Rated: PG-13 108 min

Did the great Sigmund Freud and author and Oxford academic C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narnia) ever meet? Probably not, but as this stage play-to-film adaptation invites, wouldn’t they have had a wild conversation if they did?  The play and film set the action in September 1939, just after Hitler has invaded Poland. Freud, an avowed atheist, is dying of oral cancer. What he wants to know from Lewis is how someone of his credentialed intellect could still believe in God. But that’s not all they talk about. Freud can’t help but dig into Lewis’ fixations, and vice versa. The writer and the psychoanalyst spar over the petty and the deeply personal, the mundane and life’s grandest questions. Hopkins’ portrayal of an older, doubting Lewis in Shadowlands (1993) also informs his fascinating turn as Freud.

“Just when you think you know everything Hopkins can do, he digs down and comes up with something new.” — Mike LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle
“So many movies are either mindless or completely disinterested with engaging the intellect of their audiences that Freud’s Last Session offers a welcome bit of brain stimulation…” — Peter Debruge, Variety
directed by
Matt Brown
written by
Matt Brown, Mark St. Germain
Matthew Goode, Anthony Hopkins, Jodi Balfour
United Kingdom, United States