Documentary, Biography
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Flannery is Flannery O’Connor — the late and mightily expressive novelist and short story writer from Milledgeville, Georgia. In this acclaimed documentary, Directors Elizabeth Coffman and Mark Bosco argue that O’Connor’s celebrated Southern Gothic narratives — from Wise Blood to A Good Man is Hard to Find — are about the grace of God.  In spite of the authors frequent use of the “N-Word,” Flannery consults Alice Walker (a Georgia neighbor) and Hilton Als in its contention that O’Connor was not racist, but a keen and critical observer of the time and place of her environment. Flannery just received the inaugural Library of Congress Lavine/Ken Burns Prize for Film.” – Laurence Kardish, co-artistic director, FilmColumbia

“…as inspiring as it is heart-breaking.” — Chris Salce, Film Threat
“For those who’ve read O’Connor and those who haven’t alike, it’s a strong entry point.” — Alissa Wilkinson, Vox
“A thrilling look at the life of the misfit godmother of Southern Gothic literature.” — James Verniere, Boston Herald
directed by
Elizabeth Coffman, Mark Bosco(co-director)
written by
Mark Bosco, Elizabeth Coffman
Mary Steenburgen, Richard Rodriguez, Hilton Als, Michael Fitzgerald