Citizens of the World

Comedy 92 min
Streaming Online: Starting Fri, Oct 23

“One of the most beloved films shown at The Crandell was the rueful and humane Italian comedy Mid-August Lunch by Gianni de Gregorio. We are now delighted to announce that the next Virtual Selection is de Gregorio’s new film Citizens of the World, whose Italian title is Lontano, Lontano — which literally means “Faraway, Faraway” — and is about a group of 70-year-olds who want to get as far away from Rome (which has never looked lovelier!) so their “retirement” euros would go further. But go where? The film, which stars the director and some wonderful comic actors, is a rousing charmer.”

— Laurence Kardish, co-artistic director, FilmColumbia

“Rambling and conversational, Citizens of the World is a gentle celebration of good company, good wine and good intentions.” — Dave Calhoun, Time Out
directed by
Gianni Di Gregorio
written by
Gianni Di Gregorio, Marco Pettenello
Giorgio Colangeli, Gianni Di Gregorio, Ennio Fantastichini, Andrea Sartoretti II