Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Documentary 103 min

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Available Friday, May 8 via Virtual Screening Room

Based on the international bestseller by famed economist Thomas Piketty, Capital in the Twenty-First Century is an eye-opening journey through wealth and power — a film that breaks the popular assumption that the accumulation of capital runs hand in hand with social progress, and shines a new light on today’s growing inequalities. Traveling through time, the film assembles accessible pop-culture references coupled with interviews of some of the world’s most influential experts delivering an insightful and empowering journey through the past and into our future.

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“Trust me this is a movie that provokes a consistent sense of “Whoa!” By the end, you’ll know with greater clarity than you did before why we’re in the mess we’re in.” — Owen Gleiberman, Variety
“Lively, informative… lays out the economist’s arguments with lucidity and persuasiveness, using a slew of pop-culture references” — Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
“A sleek tour of economic history over the last 400 years or so.” — Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times
directed by
Justin Pemberton
written by
Thomas Piketty (based on the book by), Matthew Metcalfe (adapted by), Justin Pemberton (adapted by), Thomas Piketty (adapted by)
Ian Bremmer, Gillian Tett, Rana Foroohar, Joseph Stiglitz
English, French
France, New Zealand