By the Grace of God

Drama 137 min
FilmColumbia 2019
Friday, October 25
Crandell Theatre

Francois Ozon tackles the incendiary subject of sexual abuse in the priesthood, inspired by the 2015 film Spotlight and the trial of the Archbishop of Lyon, who was charged with knowingly permitting one of his priests to abuse pre-teen boys. Ozon tells the story of a church-going father of five who learns that the priest who abused him as a child is still at it. He launches an investigation that leads him to other men who were victimized, and eventually the scandal consumes the Church itself. A hit in France where it opened after its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

Directed and written by Francois Ozon; 2019; Courtesy of Music Box; France; In French with English subtitles; Cast: Melvil Poupard, Denis Menochet, Swann Arlaud, Eric Caravaca. Runtime: 137 min.

directed by
François Ozon
written by
François Ozon
Melvil Poupaud, Denis Ménochet, Swann Arlaud, Éric Caravaca
French (with English subtitles)
France, Belgium
Music Box Films