Against The Current

88 min
Friday, August 20
Saturday, August 21

Veiga Grétarsdóttir is the first person in the world to attempt to kayak the 1,300 mile circumference of Iceland, counter-clockwise and against the current. Her personal journey is no less remarkable. At the age of 38, Veigar underwent gender reassignment surgery. These two stories of conflict and struggle are intertwined as the film follows her amazing 103 day journey around Iceland, with the magical, rugged coastline of the country a backdrop to the story of Veiga’s transition.

“Against the Current doesn’t waste time arguing about trans female athletes’ legitimacy. It just shows the life of one such woman and celebrates her accomplishments, with great pictorial style.” — Steve Erickson, Gay City News
“…a gem. It’s gorgeous in many ways.” — Michael Ordoña, Los Angeles Times
Icelandic (with English subtitles)