A Private War

Biography, Drama, War Rated: NR 106 min
FilmColumbia 2018
Thursday, October 25
The Crandell Theatre

Marie Colvin’s story is a paean to the enduring importance of investigative journalism, now under attack by the powers that be. Colvin (Rosamund Pike) is one of the most celebrated war correspondents of our time, driven by the desire to bear witness and speak for the speechless. This hair-raising tale of derring-do comes straight from the world’s most dangerous battlefields, including the Syrian city of Homs, under attack by the forces of president Bashar al-Assad.

directed by
Matthew Heineman
written by
Arash Amel (screenplay), Marie Brenner (magazine article)
Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan, Stanley Tucci, Tom Hollander