A Polar Year

Adventure, Drama 94 min
Saturday, July 13
Thursday, July 18

This film is part of the Tales of Europe series.

A hit at Sundance and a wonderful film for families with older children who don’t mind subtitles, A Polar Year is set in the glorious icy barrens of Greenland. A young Danish man, Anders, goes to teach in Tiniteqilaaq, a remote fishing village of about eighty where the students, including eight-year-old Asser, would rather go hunting with their sled dogs than learn Danish. Anders struggles to fit in until he begins to bond with a young Tunumiit boy, Asser, and slowly immerses himself into the indigenous culture and its daily rhythm. With breathtaking cinematography and mostly verite scenes, A Polar Year is a standout documentary that playfully, and smartly, blurs the lines between fiction and non-fiction filmmaking.

FESTIVALS: Sundance, Fort Lauderdale, Next Generation Film Festival, Lincoln Center

“Collardey has crafted a memorable portrait of a remote setting and the relationships that slowly develop there.” The Hollywood Reporter
directed by
Samuel Collardey
written by
Catherine PaiIle, Samuel Collardey
Anders Hvidegaard, Asser Boassen, Thomasine Jonathansen
Danish, Inukitut (with English subtitles)
production company
Geko Films, France 3 Cinéma, France Télévisions