3 Faces

Drama Rated: G 100 min
FilmColumbia 2018
Friday, October 26
The Crandell Theatre

How does Jafar Panahi do it? Forbidden to make films by the Iranian government, the director does it anyway. Three Faces takes a journey far outside Teheran in the company of Behnaz Jafari, a well-known actress. Jafari wants to find the body of a young Azeri girl who made a video of her suicide that was sent to Jafari because she never responded to the young girl’s pleas for help to escape her family and become an actress. As Panahi and Jafari head north into the mountains they have many unexpected encounters that teach them much about their country.

directed by
Jafar Panahi
written by
Jafar Panahi and Nader Saeivar
Behnaz Jafari, Jafar Panahi, Marziyeh Rezael
Farsi and Azeri (with English subtitles)