Annual Report 2017 - Chatham Film Club

Annual Report 2020


Theatre Box Office & Concessions $66,455
Contributions $106,159
Memberships $41,835
Rentals $18,240
Grants $16,000
Misc Income $1,038
TOTAL $249,727

Capital Project Donor Restricted Funds $973,580
Total Revenue $1,223,307


Administration $122,780
Theater Operation $103,470
Depreciation $52,328
Festival and Program Services $8,823
TOTAL $287,401



The Crandell Theatre closes for 15 months, beginning March 15, 2020, because of the COVID pandemic. Earned revenue for 2020 is cut in half and expenses by two-thirds. With the contributions of members and friends the Crandell provides virtual film screenings and community programs. The board and administrative staff prepares construction documents to complete theater renovation.