Annual Report 2017 - Chatham Film Club

Annual Report 2018


Theatre Box Office & Concessions $248,127
Festival Box Office & Events $104,534
Contributions $99,403
Membership Dues $53,036
Grants $22,325
Rentals $21,820
Misc. Income $1,898

TOTAL $551,143



Theatre Operations $308,636
Administration $122,840
Festival & Program Services $103,812
Depreciation $45,607

TOTAL $580,895


Since 2010 The Chatham Film Club, Inc., has raised well over $1 million to purchase the Crandell Theatre and to renovate and make extensive repairs to the building, including new sound and digital projection systems. Up to 65 percent of ticket revenue goes to movie distributors. Ticket prices and concessions at the Crandell are affordable because of the generosity of members, donors, and friends who make contributions to support day-to-day operations as well as year-round programming.